Truc Quan Tu bamboo shoots 300g (Export)

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Fresh bamboo shoots are familiar foods rich in nutrients, which can be processed into many dishes in daily meals. Kim Boi bamboo shoots are selected from the bamboo shoots of small bamboo varieties, with a crunchy and fragrant taste, very few in the northern mountains.

Bamboo shoots contain quite a lot of magnesium and are rich in fiber. With a very low fat and sugar content and rich in fiber, bamboo shoots are foods that promote intestinal peristalsis, aid digestion, and effectively prevent obesity, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and blood pressure.



Fresh specially bamboo shoots 62,5%; water 34,9%; salt 2,0%; acidity regulator (INS330) 0,5%; preservative (INS211) 0,1%.


Remove water, wash, cut as thick as you like. Blanch in boiling water. Boiled with dipping sauce, lemon sauce, sesame salt. Cooking soup, hot pot with pork ribs, geese, chicken, duck, bird, fish, goat, beef… Stir-fried with meat, seafood. Used to process vegetarian dishes, make mannequins.

Dish 1: Stir-fried duck with bamboo shoots


– 200g Duck breast meat

– 300g Fresh bamboo shoots

– Scallion

– Chilli

– Spices: Soup powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper


  • After choosing to buy delicious, fresh duck meat, wash it with salt and lemon / or kumquat, white wine to remove the odor. Rinse again with clean water. When duck meat has been drained, cut into thin pieces, marinate with 1/2 teaspoon of soup powder, 1/2 teaspoon of pepper, one teaspoon of oyster sauce, mix well for about 15 minutes.
  • Bamboo shoots are washed, bare through boiling water, the guise leaves are picked up and the roots and leaves are withered, shriveled, bruised, deep… and then washed and sliced.
  • Scallions pick up the roots and shriveled leaves, then wash and drain. Next, cut the white head and green leaves separately to make this delicious dish more convenient when cooking.
  • Wash and chop the peppers, you can remove the seeds if desired.
  • Next, put a pan on the stove, heat it up a bit, then put the cooking oil in the pan, then drop the white onion head in and fry until fragrant. Next, pour in the previously marinated duck meat and stir-fry on high heat. When cooking this delicious dish to hunt duck meat, duck skin to secrete fat, you must pay attention to high fire. Then you pick up the fried duck meat in a separate bowl.
  • Next, use the same pan and just secreted duck fat to stir-fry the boiled bamboo shoots, season the bamboo shoots with a teaspoon of soy sauce and about 1 teaspoon of soup powder, when cooking this delicious dish, you can also season it. according to your taste. Then stir well to absorb the seasoning.
  • When bamboo shoots have absorbed the spices, pour the duck meat into the pan to stir-fry. Next, chili, onions, and bay leaves are added to the island with bamboo shoots for about a minute, then turn off the heat. Finally, you just need to put the delicious dish on a plate to invite the whole family to enjoy with white rice.

Dish 2: Bamboo shoots salad


  • 300g of ripe bamboo shoots
  • 100g black tiger shrimp
  • 100g lean back meat
  • 50g cucumber
  • 50g carrots
  • 30g onion
  • 1 horn chili
  • Coriander, laksa leaves, celery
  • Fish sauce, lemon, sugar
  • Roasted sesame, chili sauce


  • Pre-boiled bamboo shoots, cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Carrots, cucumbers, onions cut into strips. Chili cut only.
  • Boiled pork, cut fibers.
  • Boiled shrimp, peeled.
  • Laksa leaves, need to be washed and cut into small pieces. Golden roasted sesame.
  • Fish sauce salad: 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, ½ lemon, a little chili sauce, stir well.
  • Mixed fish sauce: lemon juice, sugar, cooled boiled water, minced garlic and chili.
  • Mix bamboo shoots with fish sauce to absorb, then add the ingredients: meat, shrimp, carrot, cucumber, onion, chili, laksa leaves, celery, roasted sesame, mix well.
  • Serve with mixed fish sauce.


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