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Website Kimboi.vn is the official portal of Kim Boi Joint Stock Company.

Company address: Khu Vai, Ba Hang Doi town, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, Vietnam

Transaction office: 2nd floor, 5 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Chuong ward, Dong Da district, city. Hanoi

Tax code: 5400259503

Phone number: 0968 021 491

Email: ktth@kimboi.vn


Hereinafter referred to as “we”.

When you visit our website, you agree to the terms set out on the website. The Website reserves the right to change, modify, add or omit any part of the Terms and Conditions of Use, at any time, the changes effective immediately upon posting on the website without notice. advance notice. Please check back often to stay up to date with our changes.

Please read carefully before starting:


1. Website User Guide

– It is strictly forbidden to use any part of this website for commercial purposes without our written permission. If we violate any of these, we will cancel your license without notice.

– You must register an account with authentic information about yourself and must update if there are any changes. Each visitor is responsible for his or her own password, account, and activity on the website. Furthermore, you must notify us when your account is accessed without authorization. We do not accept any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for damage or loss caused by your failure to comply with the regulations.

– During the registration process, you agree to receive promotional emails from the website. After that, if you do not want to continue to receive mail, you can refuse by replying to our email.


2. Customer opinion

– Customers after logging in will be able to send us feedback questions, questions related to the company, questions about products. We will review your question and respond on the official website of the company. We reserve the right not to answer questions without prior notice.

– All website content and your comments are our property. If we detect any fake information, we will immediately lock your account or take other measures in accordance with Vietnamese law.


3. Place your order

– The website has full email information, hotline phone number, order phone number, and line chat. Visitors can contact us in a variety of ways. If you need it urgently, please call directly to the company’s order phone number.


4. Product Information

– We are proud of our products and always aim for public health. All of our products have quality and safety declarations in accordance with ISO 22000. However, each product has different uses and nutritional values. Please read carefully the specific information on the packaging of each product.


5. Instructions for storage and use

– With a closed production process, modern packaging technology, and fresh raw materials, our products always ensure good quality, customers are completely assured even with only 1 day of expiry date left.

– However, because it is a fresh product that must be stored at the specified temperature, you need to observe the outside appearance of the product. Only use products that are still in their original packaging, products that do not change color, are not viscous, or that the water in the packaging is not cloudy (products damaged before expiration are usually due to improper storage during storage). temperature requirements)


6. Trademarks and Copyrights

– All intellectual property rights (registered or unregistered), information content, and all designs, text, graphics, software, images, video, music, audio, translations of the software, the source code, and the underlying software are all our property. The entire content of the website is protected by copyright laws of Vietnam and international conventions. Copyright is reserved.


7. Legal rights

– The terms, conditions, and content of this website are governed by the laws of Vietnam and the competent court in Vietnam will resolve any disputes arising from the unauthorized use of this website.


8. Privacy Policy

– Our website takes information security seriously and uses best practices to protect your information.

– You must not use any program, tool, or other forms to interfere with the system or change the data structure. The website also strictly prohibits the distribution, dissemination, or promotion of any activities aimed at interfering, destroying, or infiltrating the system’s data. Violating individuals or organizations will be deprived of all rights and will be prosecuted before the law if necessary.

– All transaction information will be kept confidential but in case of a request by law enforcement, we will be forced to provide this information to law enforcement agencies.


9. Purpose of Information Collection

– The collection of data on the Website Kimboi.vn to identify non-robot customers including email, phone number, username, login password, customer address (member). This is the information that Kimboi.vn requires members to provide mandatory when registering to use the service and for Kimboi.vn to contact to confirm when customers register to use the service on the website to ensure the interests of customers. consumers. Members will be solely responsible for the security and storage of all service use activities under their registered name, password, and email box. In addition, members are responsible for promptly notifying Website Kimboi.vn about unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names, and passwords of third parties to take measures. suitable solution.


10. Scope of information use

Website Kimboi.vn uses the information provided by members to:

– Provide services to members.

– Send notices about information exchange activities between members and Website Kimboi.vn.

– Prevent activities that destroy members’ user accounts or activities that impersonate members.

– Contact and deal with members in special cases.

– Do not use members’ personal information other than for confirmation and contact purposes related to transactions at Kimboi.vn.

– In case of legal requirements: Website Kimboi.vn is responsible for cooperating to provide member’s personal information upon request from judicial authorities including Procuracy, court, public agency, and investigation related to a client’s illegal behavior. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on members’ personal information.


11. Information storage time

The member’s personal data will be stored until there is a request to cancel or the member can log in and perform the cancellation. Remaining in all cases, member’s personal information will be kept confidential on the server of Kimboi.vn.


12. Address of information collection and management unit:

Kim Boi Joint Stock Company

Company address: Khu Vai, Ba Hang Doi town, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, Vietnam.

Transaction office 1: 2nd floor, 5 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Chuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Phone number: 0968 021 491

Email: dtkb@kimboi.vn


13. Settlement of complaints and disputes

– Any controversy, claim, or dispute arising from or related to the transaction at Kimboi.vn or these Regulations and Conditions will be resolved by negotiation, conciliation, arbitration, and/or Court under the Consumer Protection Act.

Chapter 4 on Settlement of disputes between consumers and organizations and individuals trading in goods and services.

14. Agreement termination provisions – In the event of any damages arising from a violation of the Website Usage Rules, we reserve the right to suspend or lock your account permanently. If you are not satisfied with the Website or any of the terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices of Kimboi.vn, your sole remedy is to not access the Website. ours. 15. Other Regulations – All Terms and Conditions (and all obligations arising out of these Terms and Conditions or related) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and such modifications will be effective immediately upon posting at Kimboi.vn.