Fresh Nua bamboo shoots 500g

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Fresh Bamboo Shoots are familiar foods rich in nutrients, which can be processed into many dishes in daily meals. Along with other foods, you can process fresh bamboo shoots into many delicious dishes such as bamboo shoot broth, soup, or stir-fried bamboo shoots with beef…

Kim Boi fresh bamboo shoots are soaked in a solution of boiled water, salt, and citric acid before packaging without the use of toxic preservatives, ensuring the safety of consumers.

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Fresh bamboo shoots 71.4%; water 26.0%; salt 2.0%; acidity regulator (INS330) 0.5%; preservative (INS211) 0.1%


Wash, tear bamboo shoots along the grain, cook vegetarian/salty with other foods. Suitable for stir-fried dishes, vermicelli, vermicelli, stew, hot pot, fish stock… Use immediately after opening the package, the expiry date is on the product packaging. Store in the refrigerator after opening, away from direct sunlight.

Meal 1: Stir-fried pork with fresh bamboo shoots


  • 200 grams of fresh bamboo shoots
  • 150 grams of lean meat
  • 1 purple onion
  • 2 sprigs of scallions
  • 1 chilli
  • Seasoning: Cooking oil, salt, fish sauce, seasoning, pepper.


Lean meat is washed, cut into thin slices and then marinated with a little fish sauce, pepper, seasoning and salt. Marinate for about 15 minutes for the meat to infuse the flavors.

Fresh bamboo shoots purchased for you remove the water and strip into small fibers. Wash and blanch in boiling water, then drain and drain.

Onion peeled and sliced.

Pickled green onions, washed, cut into short pieces.

Place a pan on the stove and heat a little oil. You add the purple onion to fry and add the meat to the hunting island, when stir-frying, you should keep the heat on high so that the meat is cooked quickly and soft.

Next, add bamboo shoots to the island. During the stir-frying process, you re-season the seasoning to taste and can add a little water (if needed) so that the dish is evenly absorbed.

When the bamboo shoots are ripe, add the green onions and stir well, if you like spicy food, you can add a few slices of chili, stir it 1-2 times and turn off the heat. So our stir-fried pork with bamboo shoots is done, you put it on a plate and serve with hot rice.


Dish 3: Sticky bamboo shoots with meat


  • Bamboo shoots (tube)
  • Pork
  • Fresh onion
  • Laksa leaves
  • Egg
  • Seasoning: pepper, salt, seasoning


When you buy fresh bamboo shoots, remove the water, wash them and blanch them in boiling water, take out the tip of a spoon to remove the bamboo shoots, rinse them with water once, and put them in a basket to drain.

Wash the pork, grind it into small pieces, put it in a bowl to spice it up with pepper, seasoning, and salt.

Scallions, laksa leaves you pick and wash, drain, finely chop, put in a bowl of spiced ground meat, then break eggs into the above mixture.

Mix the above mixture well, then you take the drained bamboo shoots out, stuff the meat into the bamboo shoots, note that the stuffing is moderate, avoiding the stuffing.

After stuffing, take a steamer. Arrange bamboo shoots and steam for about 30 minutes-50 minutes

When the bamboo shoots are ripe, you take them out on a plate, let them cool, then cut them into bite-sized pieces and enjoy. This bamboo shoot dish is dipped with a simple dipping sauce, depending on your preference, it can be used with a mixture of lemon, ginger, and fish sauce. or lemon, chili, garlic, fish sauce mix.

Dish 4: Fresh bamboo shoots salad with bean sprouts


  • Bamboo shoots: 150 gr
  • Bean sprouts: 200 gr
  • Fresh bamboo shoots: 200 gr
  • Garlic, chili, lemon
  • Peanuts: 100 gr
  • Assorted herbs
  • Seasoning: vinegar, salt, fish sauce


Step 1: When you buy fresh bamboo shoots, remove the water, wash them and blanch them in boiling water, then shred them, put them in a basket to drain.

Step 2: You can proceed to roast peanuts while waiting to boil bamboo shoots. After roasting peanuts, incubate in a towel until cool, then remove the shell and pound.

Step 3: With bean sprouts, you pick up the roots and shells of the beans, then wash them and take them out. Next, you put a pot of water on the stove, bring to a boil, then put all the bean sprouts in and blanch to reduce the heat. After blanching, you take the bean sprouts out and return to drain the water.

Step 4: With herbs, you pick them up, wash them, then put them in a basket, and then drain them. As for chili garlic, you clean it, smash it and chop it finely. Lemon, you squeeze the juice, remove the seeds. Note that garlic and chili are done, then soak them with vinegar.

Step 5: Prepare a large bowl, put all the fresh bamboo shoots and pre-prepared bean sprouts into it. Next, you add a little salt, a little sugar, lemon juice, garlic chili vinegar and a little fish sauce. Remember to mix it all up, add herbs and half a peanut, mix again and wait for about 10 minutes for the ingredients to infuse the spices.


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