Truc bamboo shoots

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Raw bamboo shoots are sold whole in 3 forms: Cans (zinc & tin), crates (zinc & tin), and pallets (wooden, inner nylon). All 3 types of packing are decal and vacuum sealed.


Cans (zinc & tin):

Price: $3.75 USD/can
Dry weight: 11kg/can
Net weight: 18kg/can
Total weight: 20kg/can
Number of loads (1x20ft container): 7,776 cans
Minimum order: 7,776 cans


Barrel (zinc & tin):

Price: $15 USD/barrel
Dry weight: 11kg/barrel
Net weight: 18kg/barrel
Total weight: 20kg/barrel
Load Quantity (1x20ft container): 1,296 cartons
Minimum order: 1,296 cartons


Pallets (wooden & inner nylon):

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Expiry date: 12 months


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