Dried Nua bamboo shoots 500g (Export)

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Mountain specialties – Aromatic, full taste

For a long time, dried bamboo shoots have become a very familiar dish of many Vietnamese families. It is like a kind of food with the ability to transform. The bowls of bamboo shoot soup cooked with pork shank, pork ribs or geese will add more flavor to the family meal, add a solemnity to the ancestral offerings, or add an ethereal part to meetings and reunions.

It's so close to Vietnamese families, but making dried bamboo shoots, and then processing dried bamboo shoots into unique dishes is a feat. From choosing bamboo shoots, and drying bamboo shoots to boiling them many times, soaking them for 3-5 days, and have to boil them again in boiling water. Thus, it takes a lot of time and effort to have a delicious dish from bamboo shoots.

Understanding this, Kim Boi Joint Stock Company has researched and produced dried bamboo shoots that can be cooked immediately. The product is made from 100% natural bamboo shoots from Hoa Binh land. The unique feature of Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots is in the selection of ingredients. Large, thick bamboo shoots are not sure to be good, delicious bamboo shoots are not either too big or too small, not broken, and must have toughness.

Besides, using a boiler to dry bamboo shoots has helped Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots by Kim Boi JSC not only retain important essences but also create an eye-catching golden brown color. Therefore, Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots still ensure the characteristic flavor and color, which cannot be confused with bamboo shoots in other localities. Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots not only preserve the traditional flavor but also ensure food safety and hygiene.

Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots are products that change state from dry and hard to soft and can be cooked immediately. Gone are the steps of soaking dried bamboo shoots in hot water, washing bamboo shoots, boiling bamboo shoots, steaming and pasteurizing…. with a duration of up to several days; Instantly cooked dried bamboo shoots have helped users save processing time to just a few minutes. Housewives only need to take 2 stages of tearing bamboo shoots and washing them with clean water to be able to cook dishes quickly. The product really brings convenience, suitable for the hustle and bustle of life.

Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots are very crispy, aromatic and light sweet, very easy to eat. This is a familiar food that can be processed with many ingredients to become delicious dishes such as: stewed pork leg with bamboo shoots; geese cooked with bamboo shoots; rib soup cooked with bamboo shoots; rice noodles with bamboo shoot soup cooked with duck; bamboo shoots cooked in chicken hot pot, fish sauce hot pot or fried with seafood are all very suitable.

Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots contain many nutritional ingredients. With very low fat, sugar and fiber content. This is a food that promotes bowel movements, aids digestion, and effectively prevents obesity, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, constipation and colon cancer… In addition, Thanks to their rich magnesium content, instant cooked dried bamboo shoots contribute to cancer prevention and are good for the heart because they reduce bad cholesterol thanks to the fiber and low fat.

With these special utilities, Kim Boi Joint Stock Company's instant cooked dried bamboo shoots have been granted the Certificate of High Quality Vietnamese Goods for 5 consecutive years from 2018 to 2022, Certificate of ISO 22000: 2018; Certificate of typical rural industrial products of Hoa Binh province 2020-2023. The product has met the strict requirements to be present in major supermarket chains in the country such as Big C, Lotte, AEON, Winmart…. and qualified for export, so it has been present in Japan, Germany, Czech, Netherlands, …markets.

Thus, Instant cooked dried bamboo shoots are both familiar and convenient products. The product is enchanted by modern drying technology like putting on a new coat for the bamboo shoots of the Northwest mountains. Delicious but convenient, familiar but strange, simple but quality are what we can feel when choosing to use this special product.



Dried bamboo shoots 71,4%; water 26,0%; salt 2,0%; acidity regulator (INS330) 0,5%; preservative (INS211) 0,1%.

User manual:
Drain, clean and boil the bamboo shoots. Boil. Stir-fry with noodle, meat/seafood, onion, carot, mushroom,… Cook in soup, hotpot with other ingredients such as pork ribs, goose, chicken, duck, bird,… It is also used in vegetarian cooking.


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